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Steam Competitor GOG Galaxy Now Supports Cloud Saves For Classic Games announced today that the biggest update to its beta client, GoG Galaxy, will also be the last before the client's official release in April. With the end of beta comes several features to further position Galaxy as a viable competitor to Steam -- the most anticipated of which is the Universal Cloud Save. Gamers will now be able to sync and back up their files to the Galaxy cloud, and not just for the latest games. Popular older games such as Dragon Age: Origins, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines and Planetscape: Torment will now have access to this convenient feature for the first time.

Steam competitor GOG Galaxy now supports cloud saves for classic games

At the same time, CD Projekt claims that GOG Galaxy respects users' privacy: The company has committed to never sharing personal data with third parties, claims that it is 'not spying on data from your computer,' and offers a one-click removal feature for imported games and data. CD Projekt has also confirmed that the client is not and will not be required to play DRM-free titles from, though those who choose to use it will gain additional Steam-like functionality including cloud saves, an in-game overlay, multiplayer and matchmaking features, and the ability to roll titles back to earlier releases in the event of a bug.

In the CD Projekt Red company update in June 2014, announced that it would be bringing a Steam-like client, GOG Galaxy, to Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The client is designed as a storefront, software delivery, and social network client, allowing players to buy and play games from and share them with friends. GOG Galaxy also includes an original multiplayer API, allowing developers to include the same kind of multiplayer functionality in versions of games as on Steam. The client is optional and retains the DRM-free objective of the website.[74] On 15 October 2014 the open multiplayer beta of the GOG Galaxy client was started, accompanied by the giveaway of Alien vs Predator.[75] In July 2015 the GOG Galaxy beta client was reviewed favorably by the PC Gamer magazine, especially noting the focus on user respect in comparison to Steam.[76] On 22 March 2017, the client added in cloud saves for 29 games from its catalog.[77] GOG Galaxy is currently available for Microsoft Windows and macOS, with a Linux version formerly marked as planned on the Galaxy subpage[78] but stated to not be a priority.[79] As of the Galaxy 2.0 revamp of the subpage, any mention of future Linux support has been removed from the FAQ.[80]

Essential is the same as the previous version of PS Plus, allowing access to online multiplayer games, along with PSN in-store discounts, cloud game saves and two new free-to-you games each month (similar to Xbox Live Gold).

Unlike other services, which charge by the month, this single fee covers an entire year. Besides online play, access to a bunch of free NES and SNES games are included, as well as Pac-Man 99. Online cloud saves are useful in case you play across multiple Switches, too.

Remove your saves folder entirely and launch the game, you might need to disable cloud saves in steam if it's enabled, as it'll try and replace your saves for you, and that's what we don't want right now.


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